About Us

In 1946, Elving Kjellstrom purchased an existing tool shop and called it Wisconsin Mold and Tool Co., Inc.

Wisconsin Mold and Tool Co., Inc. was officially incorporated on May 10, 1949 and basically operated as a tool and die shop for most of the first 20 years. Mr. Kjellstrom got involved in various ventures during this time period including candle holders, TV trays, mouse traps, a boat release for life boats for the Navy, as well as metal stampings and weldments for original equipment manufacturers.

It was around 1968 when he was approached by an entrepreneur from Monroe, Wisconsin, who was getting into the frozen pizza business setting up distributors to sell pizza to taverns in Wisconsin. This got the company in manufacturing pizza ovens in addition to other activities. This eventually launched the company into a more diverse marketing effort which prompted the company in September of 1969 to change its name from Wisconsin Mold and Tool Co., Inc. to Wisco Industries, Inc.

From a mold and tool company to an “Industries” gave the company a platform from which it could expand its capabilities and sales efforts to broader markets. By this time, the company was already making contract metal stampings for major original equipment manufacturers such as Chrysler Outboard, Ertyl Toy Co., Eska Corp., etc. Fortunately at that time, Schwan Sales Enterprise, (Tony’s Pizza) and Tombstone Pizza were making big waves in the frozen pizza industry. This gave the impetus to Wisco’s starting in the Food Equipment business. Expansion of sales and marketing efforts in both the Metal Stamping end of the business and the Food Equipment market has led to the growth of the company that you see today.

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